About Us

About Us

Our mission is to assist and enable children, adults, and families to become physically and emotionally safe, economically stable, healthy and educated.

The Vision of Champaign County Department of Job & Family Services

Our Agency will be a recognized local and state leader, in the collaboration with families, agencies, employers, and community members , and in the development and delivery of social and employment related services to the residents of Champaign County.


We will treat each individual with dignity and respect regardless of their character or circumstance. All information pertaining to the individual will be treated with confidence. Case processing will be completed , accurately, timely, and with the maximum services available to meet the individuals needs. All individuals will be informed of and afforded all program rights.

Our services will be designed to assist children and families to be strong, positive, and to experience physical, spiritual, and psychological stability and well being. We believe that all children have the right to grow and develop with in their own families in a safe, nurturing, and stable home environment. Should a child be at risk, they will be placed in the least restrictive, most family like setting possible, with first priority given to placement with appropriate relatives. If unable to return to their families or relatives, each child deserves the best permanency plan possible. Senior citizens who are determined at risk of harm, if competent, will maintain their right to self-determination. We will support their decision, even if we should disagree with it.

We believe that because many individuals needs are complex, often one system alone may not be able to meet them, therefore, this agency will support collaboration with other systems and the community in any way possible.

We believe that the most realistic approach to any problem is to first identify how the individual perceives their situation and then address them based on their reality of that situation. By utilizing this approach we will always approach the individual with dignity and respect.

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