Child Support
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(When your case is in arrears)

An Obligor is considered in Default when he/she is behind in payments totaling one month or more of his/her current support obligation.

(Visit Terms and Definitions — Arrears)

When the Obligor owes in excess of one month’s obligation, a Notice of Default and Potential Action will be automatically generated by SETS. The Default notice will be sent to the Obligor warning him/her of possible enforcement remedies that the CSEA may take to secure the past due support obligation. When a case goes into Default, this is the beginning of the Enforcement Process.

Possible enforcement remedies include, but are not limited to:

•    SETS Automated Reporting to Credit Bureau Agencies
•    Securing additional money to pay off arrears (CSEA may withhold an additional 20% of the current support obligation)
•    Driver’s License Suspension
•    Tax Refund Intercept (based on amount of arrears, not default).
•    Court Action
•    Financial Institution Data Match (FIDM) (freeze/seize funds in an account)
•    Seek Work orders / referral to Successful Career Connections (specific course available in Champaign County), or your county’s OhioMeansJobs office.