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Modification / Review and Adjustment

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Modification/Review and Adjustment

The Review and Adjustment process, also known as the Modification process, is the method by which the child support obligation is reviewed to reflect the current financial situation of both parties.

Reasons to Qualify for a Modification/Review and Adjustment:
•    Thirty six (36) months have elapsed since establishment of the order or most recent review.
•    Obligee/Obligor employed or more gainfully employed
•    Loss of employment for three (3) consecutive months for which the party is not at fault
•    Verified permanent disability of either party
•    Institutionalization or incarceration of either party beyond the child’s minority age
•    Thirty percent (30%) change in gross income of either party for a period of six (6) months
•    One or more children emancipated
•    The order was previously a minimum order or a reduced order due to unemployment or unemployment of the obligor, who is no longer unemployed or underemployed.
•    A party is unemployed due to a plant closing or mass layoff
•    To consolidate more than one child of the same parents that are covered under separate orders that have not been registered with the court.
•    Military service members called to active duty of more than thirty (30) days
•    A temporary adjustment order due to active duty has been issued, but the term of active service has ended and there is written documentation that the obligor’s employer has violated the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act.

Minimum Orders: If the order is a minimum $50.00 per month, the modification can be done at any time if conditions have changed.

Health Insurance: If the parties are seeking health insurance, the modification can be done at any time to incorporate the cost of health insurance.

Emancipation: A modification can be accepted at any point prior to the child being emancipated (18 or graduated from high school, but not past 19), but not during the emancipation process. However, when there are still minor children on the case, a review can be requested after the emancipation of an older child.

Thirty percent (30%) change in Income: If reason for the modification request is a 30% change in income, it must be verified. If the requestor is claiming a 30% change in income, he/she must provide proof of the change at the time the request is made. The change also must have lasted at least six months for this request.

Possible Results of Review:
•    No change (current child support amount and modified amount did NOT change by greater than 10% = Order remains the same)
•    Increase in Child Support
•    Decrease in Child Support

If there is a change as a result of the modification, the new amount will commence the first day of the month after the modification was scheduled for review.

CSEA cannot predict the result of your review and adjustment, and parties take the chance of any of the above-mentioned results occurring.

How to Request a Review and Adjustment:
Contact the Champaign County CSEA to obtain and complete the JFS 1849 form or click the link below.

Child Support Review & Adjustment request

Review and adjustment may be terminated if requested information is not returned by the requesting party by the specified date.