Child Support
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Obligee Responsibilites

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Obligee Responsibilites

(Party receiving support)

It’s your support order…be an active participant!

•    Inform CSEA of any changes in your or the Obligor’s address, phone number, and/or employment status right away.

•    Inform CSEA of any of the following reasons why an order should terminate or be reviewed including, but not limited to; emancipation of the child, death of any party (child, Obligor, or Obligee), permanent disability of the Obligor, either parent becomes incarcerated, a child on the order is placed in the custody of the Ohio Department of Youth Services (ODYS), or Department of Job and Family Services (DJFS), and/or child becomes eligible as a dependent of Obligor for income through Social Security or Veteran’s Benefits.

•    Provide CSEA with supporting documents, if requested, to complete the emancipation process, including but not limited to: copy of high school diploma or withdrawal letter from school when the child reaches the age of 18, proof of enlistment in the armed forces if requested, court orders showing change in legal custody or adoption of the child, and/or certificate showing the marriage of the child.

•    Enroll the child in your health insurance plan if you are ordered to provide medical coverage for the child by the Court or by CSEA, and notify CSEA of the availability of said insurance coverage.  

•    Provide CSEA with all copies of court/administrative orders which may affect your Support Order including but not limited to, changes in custody or Support Order amount.

•    You may be required to repay excess money received as you are not entitled to any overpayments which you may have received in surplus of your court/administrative order.

•    Keep any and all records pertaining to your Support Order. Additional copies of your court orders may cost money to obtain. CSEA is not the keeper of non-administrative records; these would need to be requested from the court who issued them.

•    When CSEA requests that you provide documents you are required to submit, turn them in before the stated deadline determined in the child support notice received.

•    Register on the Web Portal to have access to your case record as needed.

•    Contact CSEA to report any problems or issues arising on your support case (example: Arrears paid in full, spousal support obligation to end).

Become educated about your support order. You are ultimately accountable for your order. Know your rights and responsibilities and exercise them.