Financial & Health Assistance
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Making a Better Life Possible.

We offer a range of programs to bridge the gap when you encounter setbacks.

Champaign County Department of Job and Family Services assists families and individuals when they experience income loss so that they can access basic necessities of life and become self-sufficient.


At Champaign County Department of Job and Family Services, we offer a spectrum of programs to assist families and individuals with child care, medical coverage, food programs, emergency aid, and cash programs.

We provide these services to the people of Champaign County based on income and require that all recipients are involved with work-related activities. Work-related activities may include a variety of things, such as job training through OhioMeansJobs Champaign County or other partnering organizations, work experience programs, employment and education.

We can also provide income assistance to individuals and families to help for a limited time during layoff periods or when other difficult circumstances arise.

How are we doing?

Champaign County DJFS  is trying to improve the way we deliver our services.  We cannot change the laws and policies that direct our programs; however, we can make changes to ensure your contact with us is effective, efficient, and positive.

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