Financial & Health Assistance

Emergency Aid

The Prevention, Retention & Contingency (PRC) program helps people access assistance and meet the needs of their families.

The Prevention, Retention and Contingency (PRC) program is designed to assist low-income families with necessary resources to:

  • Provide for contingent needs by helping families with non-reoccurring urgent problems.


Eligible Assistance Groups

Self-Sufficiency for the entire assistance group is the program goal. A PRC assistance group is defined by as one of the following:

1.  an 18 year-old or older who is pregnant (unborn counts as an assistance group member);

2.  minor child living with birth or adoptive parents, specified relative as defined by Ohio Works First (OWF) rules, or legal guardian, non-custodial parent (as defined below), and treated as one unit for determining eligibility.

A PRC assistance group can consist of non-custodial (or non-residential) parent, living in Champaign County, with a child that resides in Ohio. Consumers who fit under this category can participate under the group umbrella or as an individual AG. A non-custodial parent may be eligible for assistnace through PRC if they meet program eligibility as well as the following conditions:

1.  are currently cooperating with child support enforcement agency;

2.  have made child support payments in the past 30 days. 


Services, Definitions and Amount Limits

Authorized services, definitions and limits are detailed in Exhibit 1 of this plan. Assistance may be requested for a second time during a consecutive 12-month period provided:

1.)  Eligibility is established, and new application is filed at each new request;

2.)  Overall cap of $1500 for PRC assistance group member has not been reached within the previous twelve consecutive months; and

3.)  PRC assistance group met or continues to meet self-sufficiency activities as detailed in most recent PRC application/plan.

What Do I Have To Do?

  • Be able to show that you have made an attempt to  stay caught up with the bills
  • Cooperate with your PRC plan to prevent a re-occurrence of need
  • Be able to meet your monthly expense after PRC approval
  • Complete all of your responsibilities on your PRC plan

How Do I Apply? 

  • Complete the application
  • Bring to our office during regular business hours
  • Mail or fax your application to us
  • Your Eligibility Worker will contact you to discuss your application

 Click to view PRC Plan. Please see forms for additional information.