Financial & Health Assistance

Emergency Aid

The Prevention, Retention & Contingency program helps people access assistance and meet the needs of their families.

The Prevention, Retention and Contingency (PRC) program is designed to assist low-income families with necessary resources to:

  • Provide for contingent needs by helping families with non-reoccurring urgent problems.


1 approval per 12 month period up to $1500.00


PRC services are available for families with children younger than 18 years of age and pregnant women that meet federal income limits (at or below): 


What Do I Have To Do?

  • Be able to show that you have made an attempt to  stay caught up with the bills
  • Cooperate with your PRC plan to prevent a re-occurrence of need
  • Be able to meet your monthly expense after PRC approval
  • Complete all of your responsibilities on your PRC plan

How Do I Apply? 

  • Complete the application
  • Bring to our office during regular business hours
  • Mail or fax your application to us
  • Your Eligibility Worker will contact you to discuss your application