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Interview/Resume Skills

Having superior interview skills and a professional resume puts you ahead of the rest. Let OhioMeansJobs Champaign County help you prepare to impress your next employer.

Internet Resume

A lot of employers accept their resumés through the internet. Because the Internet world is constantly changing, and this includes how employers utilize electronic resumés, it is advisable that you obtain the most current information about this topic.

Resumé Writing

A resumé is a brief, one-to two page written summary that communicates to the reader your unique combination of skills, experience and abilities. It is an advertisement of the job seeker. Its purpose is to help you secure a job interview.

Everyone has an opinion about what a resumé should look like, what it should include and how it should be presented on the page. No two people will agree on a resumé format when asked for advice. Therefore, you have to create a resumé that you are comfortable with. OhioMeansJobs Champaign County has a resumé software program  that will assist you in creating your award-winning resumé.


As many as eight out of ten new jobs are obtained through some form of personal contact. Learning how to use personal contacts effectively, therefore, is crucial in your job search. Networking is the process of contacting individuals who can help you in your job search by either suggesting job leads and/or giving you referrals to other people who know of job openings. Over 80% of jobs are not advertised. Most jobs are filled before they need to be advertised or listed with an employment agency. This is known as the “hidden” job market. Networking is how you will gain information about these job openings. Make a networking contact list. The list should include: relatives, friends, work colleagues, former supervisors, social or sport groups, church members and others that can help you find the “hidden” job market.